Dr. David Galpern attained his medical doctorate degree from State University of New York. He attended his residency at New York Methodist Hospital. He completed two hand surgery fellowships, the hand surgery fellowship at Christine M. Kleinert Institute for Hand and Microsurgery in Louisville KY., and the Hand Surgery and Upper Limb Surgery Fellowship at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Dr. Galpern has extensive training and knowledge in the surgical and non-surgical treatments for traumatic, degenerative and repetitive use injuries related to the fingers, hand, wrist and forearm.  Dr. Galpern has been in practice in Richmond, VA since 2011.

Conveniently located in Richmond’s West End, Comprehensive Hand Surgery Center is easily accessible for local patients from all over the Greater Richmond Area, the West End, North Side, South Side, and the East End. Our proximity to I-64 (Exit 183-Parham Road) makes it easy for our patients from the Tidewater or Piedmont areas, as well as patients from Fredericksburg to South Hill, to reach our facility. We have adequate parking on site.

Our facility is designed with the hand and upper extremity patient in mind. Our records are all housed on site for convenient access. We have X-ray facility as well as fluoroscopy (dynamic X-ray) on site. For specialized studies such as ultrasound, CT scan or MRI, we utilize local facilities with high quality equipment. For those patients who need electrodiagnostic studies (EMG/Nerve Conduction), our studies are done by trained neurologists at locations close to your home.


We are very proud of the comprehensive hand therapy center on site!

Staffed by caring and professional hand therapists and aides, therapy is a critical component of rehabilitation for hand conditions for many of our patients. The close communication between the hand therapists and the physician in our facility enhances every aspect of patient care and is a crucial part of optimal recovery. We utilize these therapists, as well as others close to you to ensure your best outcome and experience.

For those patients requiring minor surgical procedures, we have the facility to do these in our office (please be aware however that some insurance companies do not allow this, but require all surgical procedures to be done in hospital operating rooms or surgery centers). For larger or more complex procedures, we utilize Stony Point Surgery Center, or the Operating Rooms in various local hospitals.



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